Learn how Substratum is building a network based on Internet Freedom and anti-censorship for the world!

What is Substratum?

The team at Substratum are using leading-edge programming from the ground up, to deliver a software-based mesh network that can form the foundation for a truly decentralized network.

The beauty of this is true internet freedom, a chance to have equal access to information, and a real-use case for the power of blockchain!

The trustless, peer-to-peer nature of blockchain and cryptography allow users to be both incentivized to share their network resources and also to have a way to pay for services used in the network.

SUBNODE节点测试用户们, 视窗 10 的安装教程出来啦

SubstratumNode 视窗 10 安装教程 测试 RC2 版相当赞!不过,开发团队和 Subnode 社区亦明白技术上可能有点难度! 本教程将教导你: 如何下载和安装 SubstratumNode 如何创建(或还原)你的 ETH 钱包 如何创建对等网络设置 如何在测试网 (Ropsten)上获取 HOT代币 如何做端口转发 ...
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ATTENTION TESTERS! SubNode Windows 10 Guide

SUBSTRATUMNODE WINDOWS 10 FULL GUIDE Testing RC2 is pretty cool! But the Development team and Community do understand it has ...
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TestNet Payment, Website Update, Stay Tuned!

Greetings Sub-Nation! Excited to see the Testnet GROW to almost 400 nodes before the latest commit. New descriptors are posted ...
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Website Updates and RC2 Incoming

I've been quieter than normal with a number of things going on, but there are some exciting updates in the ...
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Node Tutorials

Browse through user guides for your OS to help get running with Substratum Node on your devices

NEW – User Guide for Windows 10 OS

Bastiaan Windows 10 Guide for RC1 SubstratumNode

User Guides for Ubuntu 18

Thanks to Bastiaan for his contribution!

User Guide for Raspberry Pi

Thanks to Microoo for his contribution!

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