Website Updates and RC2 Incoming

I’ve been quieter than normal with a number of things going on, but there are some exciting updates in the Community!

The FAQ on our website has now been built out and has a lot of great information and links to learn more about how what SubstratumNode is, how it works and help with some troubleshooting with the RC1 TestNet.

Tara from our Community has posted a Chinese Tutorial to help those users get their HOT test tokens and install and run SubstratumNode in their region! Thanks TARA!

The Testing Community has been buzzing with over 1 MILLION HOT tokens being send across from the HOT Faucet for the testnet. This is incredible and shows how active and excited our Community is after many months of watching development closely. Get your HOT tokens now!

BJ Allmon has been spearheading the updates as usual on Twitter and Telegram, and represents arguably one of the most transparent development teams in the Crypto-Software space, keeping all observers on the pulse of how the Node software is moving.

Open Source transitioning is nearly complete (all under GPL3 Licensing) and BJ also completed migration of the JIRA workflows into the team GitHub Project page. It’s expected that a ton more development will be in store now the public community can get more involved in building.

RC2 is about to be packaged and delivered in the coming week, so a number of bug fixes and feature upgrades to the GUI will be rolled out to the excited Community.

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