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**If this is your first time using SubstratumNode skip steps 1-2

(1) First, make sure you have stopped/killed all running instances of SubstratumNode in Task Manager. `(Ctrl + Alt + Esc) -> Right-click on SubstratumNode -> End processes.`

(2) Navigate to C:\Users\<Your User>\AppData\Local\Substratum and delete any existing node-data.db file.

(3) Visit and notate your External IP address for later.

(4) Visit the SubstratumNode download page, and download the RC1 CLI tool.

(5) Extract the downloaded file to C:\Users\<Your User>\Substratum

(6) Press Start, type CMD, right-click, and select Run-as-Administrator.

(7) In CMD type:
cd C:\Users\<Your User>\SubstratumNode

If you are recovering an existing wallet

(8a) In CMD type:
SubstratumNode –recover-wallet –data-directory C:\Users\<Your User>\AppData\Local\Substratum –earning-wallet <Insert Your 0x Earning Wallet Address Here> –mnemonic “replace the words inside these double quotes with your twelve mnemonic words” –wallet-password

(9a) Enter a wallet password at the prompt

If you are generating a new wallet

(8b) In CMD type:
SubstratumNode –generate-wallet –data-directory C:\Users\<Your User>\AppData\Local\Substratum –wallet-password

*Optionally include –mnemonic-passphrase to be prompted for an extra phrase, further encrypting your wallet. Leave blank to skip.

*Optionally include –word-count to change the number of words in your mnemonic phrase, i.e 12, 15, 18, 21, or 24 words, further securing your wallet.

(9b) Enter a wallet password at the prompt.

Blockchain Service URL

The `–blockchain-services-url` is required for accounting purposes, as we need to be able to query data from the Ethereum blockchain to be sure nodes can pay their bills. This can be done by either running a geth node yourself, or by obtaining the data from a 3rd party provider. Eventually this will be handled directly over the Substratum Network. For the purpose of this guide we will use

(10a) Create an account on, Confirm the verification email. Select the free plan for 100,000 queries per day. More than enough for SubNodes.

(10b) Create a project, I named mine SubstratumNode. You will then be presented with some information. We are looking for the provided “Project ID”, it looks something like ccvadd08798sdgewrscaa which we will add to the end of this URL to give as a value for the –blockchain-services-url arguement.

Clandestine Ports

If you expect to Serve, you absolutely must do some Port Forwarding on your router. For the purpose of this tutorial I used port 10000. This will be the value provided after the –clandestine-port argument. You may need to do some searching to figure Port Forwarding out, as manufactured router models vary greatly. You can safely choose any port < 60000.

Node Descriptors

Node Descriptors are made up of three parts, a combination of Public Keys, External IP addresses, and the nodes Clandestine Port. They Look something like this ` YCn/Q3dhhXaALUHecehqGFgCME2KV+kjRCPhWNPbTFU:`. You will most likely encounter these in a social manner throughout the SUB community, be sure to check the pinned post in Telegram.

(12) In CMD type:
SubstratumNode –blockchain-service-url<Insert Your Project ID Here> –data-directory C:\Users\<Your User>\AppData\Local\Substratum –ip <Insert Your External IP Here> –dns-servers –neighbors <Insert Node Descriptor Here>,<Insert Node Descriptor Here>,<Insert Node Descriptor Here> –clandestine-port 10000 –log-level trace –gas-price 1 –wallet-password

(13) Enter your wallet password at the prompt.

(14) Let the node spin up and watch as it hopefully begins Gossiping with other nodes. Give it at least 10 seconds to “warm up” and establish some connections.

(15) Visit or similar to see if your External IP address has changed. Do a speedtest and let us know about your #SubSpeedTest results in the Telegram group! If you need further assistance our wonderful community is here to lend a hand!

(16) To stop running nodes, press Ctrl + C in CMD. 

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