TestNet Payment, Website Update, Stay Tuned!

Greetings Sub-Nation!

Excited to see the Testnet GROW to almost 400 nodes before the latest commit.

New descriptors are posted from the Testing Community, so try to hook into the updated Testnet group and start doing more testing on your devices!

I’m excited as I just saw the first successful HOT payment from Serving across a Node I run on my Rasp Pi 3B!

TestNet HOT tokens on MetaMask

This is an Earning wallet I set up to test across my Rasp Pi node, which was running 24/7 for a few days.

Still early days of the network traffic but this was really cool to see!

Also its very impressive to see Community Members making some really cool things!

Check out subnodes.io – this person made a really cool website where you can find descriptors to connect to, test your own node to make sure ports a forwarded correctly, and submit your Node descriptor so others can join the network!

Again, its best to remind you that this will show your external IP address on this list, so only submit your Node if you are safe and secure with this info being Public! (recommend running a Public Node using a cloud service like AWS or VPS services)

Also keep a look-out for a full RC2 Windows 10 Guide to be released soon!

I am just piecing together some of our existing guide and doing a walk-through on a Windows machine so you Windows 10 crowd and try to get involved in testing with us!