Video Guide Windows 10 with Bastiaan

BIG thanks to Bastiaan – the man who showed the original SubNode Proof of Concept!
His video walks through installing and setting up SubstratumNode on a Windows 10 machine

Don’t forget since we are in RC1, to get your Ropsten test ETH (ROP) and your HOT tokens (use this guide)

Steps Taken in Guide:

  1. Install & Generate Wallet ( – download the GUI one
    • Please keep in mind that a passphrase is an additional seed word and is completely optional
    • Always save your Seed Words (mnemonic phrase)
    • If you want to learn more about mnemonic code check out this article (
  2. Get Testnet ETH (ROP on Ropsten network) –
  3. Wait 5 minutes
  4. Get HOT Tokens (you can use our Wiki Guide here for help with MetaMask)
    • This video shows using just the seed words and MyEtherWallet
  5. Starting the Node
    • You will need a descriptor from our Community and your Earning Wallet
    • Don’t forget to enter your Wallet Password