Exciting New Wiki Update 30-Jul-19

Greetings SUB-Nation!!

A lot of background work has been going on from the Development team of Substratum which is absolutely exciting!

At the same time, we are building out the Substratum Wiki website with new features to help support the Community.

The Community has been absolutely amazing with their support and contributions so far!

Here are a number of exciting updates – please get involved everyone!:

  • The Community has already started asking about contributing to support the Wiki site! – we have set up a Public ETH address to help support the website hosting and other initiatives.
  • Our Wiki site is now a verified Brave Publisher! Many of us really love the whole Brave project and their browser is great! You can now tip BAT to the Wiki site and help support our content. If you aren’t already using the awesome browser, click this link to download and further support both Brave and the Substratum Wiki
  • We have set up a Community Forum page and built out that feature, so you can both register to our Blog and also start to participate in the Forum to get help on the Testing, Roll-out and use of Substratum Node and more!

None of this is possible without all of you, so special thanks to the following people who really helped me out in the last week:

Wernigerode, Stu G, ToddMeow, BrianM, Microoo, Isabel Beebe and any others I may have forgotten!

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Community Website Update 16-7-19

This site is coming along nicely SUB-Nation!

We have built up the FAQ section, added a very brief Chinese landing page for our SUB-brothers and sisters across the world, and made some tweaks and fixes.

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This will all become very fast & furious once the RC1 and testing versions go live for everyone to start the exciting exercise of growing the Substratum Network!
We already have a number of contributors and supporters to thank!

Shout out to the following members from Telegram:
@Patman16 – awesome job with FAQ points
@microoo – being OG
@brianm – Windows slayer
@rbrths – for the decentralized chairs
@tarasutra – translation for Chinese