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Windows 10 Build Environment Instructions for SubstratumNode

1.) Install Windows 10

2.) Do all Systems/OS updates

3.) Download/Install Git 2.22.0 x64
Configure Terminal Emulator to use Windows’ default console window

4.) Download/Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition
Install SubComponents: MSVC C++ Build Tools, Windows 10 SDK (latest)

5.) Install Rust

6.) Install additional rust modules
Open GitBash as Administrator

$ rustup component add rustfmt

$ rustup component add clippy

7.) Install Node Version Manager 1.1.7 for Windows -NVM

8.) Install Node 10.16.0
Open GitBash as Administrator

$ nvm install 10.16.0

$ nvm use v10.16.0

9.) Install Yarn 1.17.3 (Stable)

10.) Use Git to clone Substratum source code repository
Open GitBash as Administrator

$ git clone

$ cd SubstratumNode

$ ci/

$ cd node-ui/

$ ci/

Windows 10 Node Teaser

Hey Substratum Community – This is a late night teaser of the latest build from source. It is not backwards compatible with pre-built 0.4.8 binaries. The left screen is an ssh session to one of my AWS linux nodes. The right screen is a Windows 10 VM running on my home desktop. When traffic is generated on that node, the log becomes very chatty. This video will demonstrate the latest core functionality. It will show the decryption of the earning wallet as well as the password prompt for the consuming wallet feature.

Final payment services cards are in the works. We are anticipating next release to include the RC-1 tag, which will require testers to have their Ropsten $HOT tokens available for testing all blockchain payment features.

Last, my Windows 10 VM is running in a high trace/debug level. The pop up screen at the end is expected.