TestNet Payment, Website Update, Stay Tuned!

Greetings Sub-Nation!

Excited to see the Testnet GROW to almost 400 nodes before the latest commit.

New descriptors are posted from the Testing Community, so try to hook into the updated Testnet group and start doing more testing on your devices!

I’m excited as I just saw the first successful HOT payment from Serving across a Node I run on my Rasp Pi 3B!

TestNet HOT tokens on MetaMask

This is an Earning wallet I set up to test across my Rasp Pi node, which was running 24/7 for a few days.

Still early days of the network traffic but this was really cool to see!

Also its very impressive to see Community Members making some really cool things!

Check out subnodes.io – this person made a really cool website where you can find descriptors to connect to, test your own node to make sure ports a forwarded correctly, and submit your Node descriptor so others can join the network!

Again, its best to remind you that this will show your external IP address on this list, so only submit your Node if you are safe and secure with this info being Public! (recommend running a Public Node using a cloud service like AWS or VPS services)

Also keep a look-out for a full RC2 Windows 10 Guide to be released soon!

I am just piecing together some of our existing guide and doing a walk-through on a Windows machine so you Windows 10 crowd and try to get involved in testing with us!


Website Updates and RC2 Incoming

I’ve been quieter than normal with a number of things going on, but there are some exciting updates in the Community!

The FAQ on our website has now been built out and has a lot of great information and links to learn more about how what SubstratumNode is, how it works and help with some troubleshooting with the RC1 TestNet.

Tara from our Community has posted a Chinese Tutorial to help those users get their HOT test tokens and install and run SubstratumNode in their region! Thanks TARA!

The Testing Community has been buzzing with over 1 MILLION HOT tokens being send across from the HOT Faucet for the testnet. This is incredible and shows how active and excited our Community is after many months of watching development closely. Get your HOT tokens now!

BJ Allmon has been spearheading the updates as usual on Twitter and Telegram, and represents arguably one of the most transparent development teams in the Crypto-Software space, keeping all observers on the pulse of how the Node software is moving.

Open Source transitioning is nearly complete (all under GPL3 Licensing) and BJ also completed migration of the JIRA workflows into the team GitHub Project page. It’s expected that a ton more development will be in store now the public community can get more involved in building.

RC2 is about to be packaged and delivered in the coming week, so a number of bug fixes and feature upgrades to the GUI will be rolled out to the excited Community.

Get involved in the Community via our Social Accounts, and Subscribe for Updates below!

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Special thanks to @Itsfitts in from our Telegram Community
Telegraph Link for Instant View: https://telegra.ph/SubstratumNode-Command-line-CLI-Proceedure-Win10-08-10

**If this is your first time using SubstratumNode skip steps 1-2

(1) First, make sure you have stopped/killed all running instances of SubstratumNode in Task Manager. `(Ctrl + Alt + Esc) -> Right-click on SubstratumNode -> End processes.`

(2) Navigate to C:\Users\<Your User>\AppData\Local\Substratum and delete any existing node-data.db file.

(3) Visit IPChicken.com and notate your External IP address for later.

(4) Visit the SubstratumNode download page, and download the RC1 CLI tool.

(5) Extract the downloaded file to C:\Users\<Your User>\Substratum

(6) Press Start, type CMD, right-click, and select Run-as-Administrator.

(7) In CMD type:
cd C:\Users\<Your User>\SubstratumNode

If you are recovering an existing wallet

(8a) In CMD type:
SubstratumNode –recover-wallet –data-directory C:\Users\<Your User>\AppData\Local\Substratum –earning-wallet <Insert Your 0x Earning Wallet Address Here> –mnemonic “replace the words inside these double quotes with your twelve mnemonic words” –wallet-password

(9a) Enter a wallet password at the prompt

If you are generating a new wallet

(8b) In CMD type:
SubstratumNode –generate-wallet –data-directory C:\Users\<Your User>\AppData\Local\Substratum –wallet-password

*Optionally include –mnemonic-passphrase to be prompted for an extra phrase, further encrypting your wallet. Leave blank to skip.

*Optionally include –word-count to change the number of words in your mnemonic phrase, i.e 12, 15, 18, 21, or 24 words, further securing your wallet.

(9b) Enter a wallet password at the prompt.

Blockchain Service URL

The `–blockchain-services-url` is required for accounting purposes, as we need to be able to query data from the Ethereum blockchain to be sure nodes can pay their bills. This can be done by either running a geth node yourself, or by obtaining the data from a 3rd party provider. Eventually this will be handled directly over the Substratum Network. For the purpose of this guide we will use https://Infura.io.

(10a) Create an account on https://infura.io, Confirm the verification email. Select the free plan for 100,000 queries per day. More than enough for SubNodes.

(10b) Create a project, I named mine SubstratumNode. You will then be presented with some information. We are looking for the provided “Project ID”, it looks something like ccvadd08798sdgewrscaa which we will add to the end of this URL https://ropsten.infura.io/v3/ to give as a value for the –blockchain-services-url arguement.

Clandestine Ports

If you expect to Serve, you absolutely must do some Port Forwarding on your router. For the purpose of this tutorial I used port 10000. This will be the value provided after the –clandestine-port argument. You may need to do some searching to figure Port Forwarding out, as manufactured router models vary greatly. You can safely choose any port < 60000.

Node Descriptors

Node Descriptors are made up of three parts, a combination of Public Keys, External IP addresses, and the nodes Clandestine Port. They Look something like this ` YCn/Q3dhhXaALUHecehqGFgCME2KV+kjRCPhWNPbTFU:`. You will most likely encounter these in a social manner throughout the SUB community, be sure to check the pinned post in Telegram.

(12) In CMD type:
SubstratumNode –blockchain-service-url https://ropsten.infura.io/v3/<Insert Your Project ID Here> –data-directory C:\Users\<Your User>\AppData\Local\Substratum –ip <Insert Your External IP Here> –dns-servers –neighbors <Insert Node Descriptor Here>,<Insert Node Descriptor Here>,<Insert Node Descriptor Here> –clandestine-port 10000 –log-level trace –gas-price 1 –wallet-password

(13) Enter your wallet password at the prompt.

(14) Let the node spin up and watch as it hopefully begins Gossiping with other nodes. Give it at least 10 seconds to “warm up” and establish some connections.

(15) Visit IPChicken.com or similar to see if your External IP address has changed. Do a speedtest and let us know about your #SubSpeedTest results in the Telegram group! If you need further assistance our wonderful community is here to lend a hand!

(16) To stop running nodes, press Ctrl + C in CMD. 

#Decentralize $SUB #SubstratumNode

Video Guide Windows 10 with Bastiaan

BIG thanks to Bastiaan – the man who showed the original SubNode Proof of Concept!
His video walks through installing and setting up SubstratumNode on a Windows 10 machine

Don’t forget since we are in RC1, to get your Ropsten test ETH (ROP) and your HOT tokens (use this guide)

Steps Taken in Guide:

  1. Install & Generate Wallet (substratum.net/downloads) – download the GUI one
    • Please keep in mind that a passphrase is an additional seed word and is completely optional
    • Always save your Seed Words (mnemonic phrase)
    • If you want to learn more about mnemonic code check out this article (http://substratum.wiki/updates/the-safe-maker/)
  2. Get Testnet ETH (ROP on Ropsten network) – https://faucet.ropsten.be
  3. Wait 5 minutes
  4. Get HOT Tokens (you can use our Wiki Guide here for help with MetaMask)
    • This video shows using just the seed words and MyEtherWallet
  5. Starting the Node
    • You will need a descriptor from our Community and your Earning Wallet
    • Don’t forget to enter your Wallet Password

如何索取 SUB 临时替代币 HOT TOKEN 来用 SubNode RC1 版翻墙

SubNode RC1 版已經推出!此版本尚无赚币功能 (Serve),因此不能先运作赚币功能来赚取一点SUB 币或直接在交易平台上买 SUB 币来使用软件翻墙(翻墙须用到用币功能 (Consume))。考虑到这个问题,Substratum 推出了 SUB 替代币(称为 HOT TOKEN),让任何想使用 SubNode 软件翻墙的人免费索取。

对没接触过虚拟币和钱包的网友,如何索取 SUB 替代 HOT 币门槛或许有点高。不怕!这篇教程会逐步教导你如何成功索取 HOT 币。

此教程假设你从未用过我将提及的浏览器插件和网站。另外,假如你使用的浏览器是任何国产版或视窗 IE 或苹果公司的 Safari,那请先去下载安装谷歌的Chrome (https://www.google.com/chrome/) 或 Brave (https://brave.com/download/) 或 Firefox 火狐浏览器。

完成安装后,到 https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/metamask/nkbihfbeogaeaoehlefnkodbefgpgknn 下载 Metamask。提醒!若任何身边的人,或任何简体中文网站提供的 Metamask 插件的下载连接地址,不要相信。直接到 https://metamask.io/ (不要拷贝,直接逐字输入到浏览器的地址栏里),然后点击 “GET CHROME EXTENSION” 下载。

有虚拟货币经验并已使用 Metamask 插件的网友可跳步骤 1,直接前往步骤 2。

步骤 1:创建 METAMASK 钱包。


点击 “Get started”,“Create Wallet”,然后点击 “Create Password”。

创建钱包须有有个密码,而使用强大不易攻破的密码万分重要——不仅是钱币,任何密码都是。管理密码的最佳方式,不是用记得(当然你还是可以写在纸上),而是使用一个密码管理软件——考虑到墙国人的各种艰难处境——最好存于移动USB盘上并做额外的移动USB备份,而不是使用浏览器或电脑提供的密码软件)——然后每回用复制方式输入,而非逐个字键盘输入(提防能记录键盘输入的恶意病毒!)。推荐可兼容各个系统和手机的KeePass(https://keepass.info/download.html)。另外,想知道你使用的密码是否真的强大,到 https://howsecureismypassword.net/ 输入它。当页面背景色是绿色时,就是安全而强大的。

“Secret Backup Phrase” 这一步骤十分重要,请妥善并严密保管好 Metamask 这一自动生成的秘密钱包后备词汇码。

运行 SubNode 软件时,你可选择 “recover” 方式把 Metamask 钱包的這個后备词汇码和密码输入。个人认为这是个比较安全的方式,因为你无需让钱包绑定在 SubNode 内 (若你选择的是自动生成方式)。


步骤 2:从 METAMASK 钱包内索取 HOT 币。

Metamask 钱包创建后,从页面右上角的 “Main Ethernet Network” 选取 “Ropsten Test Network”,然后点击 “Deposit”, “Test Faucet“ , “Get Ether” 和 “request 1 either from faucet”。

再回到 Metamask 钱包页,你会看到 1 ETH (注意!这不是真的以太坊币 ETH, 这是 Ropsten 的币 ROP, 但在 Metamask 钱包里称为 ETH)。因为我们要用这个 ROP 币来换取 HOT 币 (1 ROP/ETH = 5000 HOT)以便能在 RC1 版的 SubNode 软件内用它来翻墙(因为我们不知道赚币功能版何时会出来,也考虑到要与身边能信任的亲友们分享使用),因此,可多次重复索取这个测试用的 ETH, 直到达到 5 或 6 枚,或更多后才继续余下的步骤。

Ropsten Test Network 好像每次只能索取不上6 枚(会出现 “error”:”User is greedy – already has too much ether”(用户贪心,已索取了太多的以太币)的提醒),因此,你可每日索取。

若回到 Metamask 钱包页而没看到 ETH 显示余额,可点击页面刷新重载。

索取到 5 或 6 枚后,到 https://ropsten.etherscan.io/address/0x1d735051a431c06185927c27aecea99520634832 网站,选取 “Contract”, “Write Contract”, “Connect to Web3”,往下选取 “3. buyTokens”,然后输入你索取到的 ETH 和 Metamask 提供的钱包地址, 点击 “Write”。


完成后,回到 Metamask 钱包。点击 “Metamask ”,“Custom Token”,输入”0xcd6c588e005032dd882cd43bf53a32129be81302″, “AMB”, “18”,如图所示。

恭喜!你已成功索取到 HOT 币。请到 https://substratum.net/downloads/ 下載 SUBNODE RC1 軟件!

提醒:RC1 版还在测试网内,运行节点的人主要是与 #SUB 一起成长的中坚社区成员。虽然如此,此版绝对安全,因为其匿名功能已建好。
使用 #Subnode 后,你可能会发现网速有点慢,这是因为节点还不够多——网络有越多的节点会加快网速也更安全。 因此,想让网速加快,还请推广让其他人也加入使用。